Dr. Denise Harmening

Dr. Denise Harmening is a modern-day Renaissance woman: an experienced educator, administrator, researcher, and author.  Currently, Dr. Harmening is President of D.H. Publishing & Consulting, Inc. She also developed the curriculum and served as Director for the Master Program in Clinical Laboratory Management at Rush University in Chicago.

Dr. Harmening is a well known author and national/international speaker.  Her publications are many and include her major book titles: Clinical Hematology and Fundamentals of Hemostasis (fifth edition), Laboratory Management Principles and Processes (third edition), Modern Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices (six edition), and Heme Notes (first edition).

Dr. Harmening is the founding Chair of two departments: Clinical Laboratory Science at Thomas Jefferson University and the Department of Medical & Research Technology at the University of Maryland.  She was professor, Chair and Assistant Dean during her tenure at the University of Maryland.  In 1999, she received the “Excellence in Education Award” a national recognition given by the American Society for Clinical Pathology.   In 2001 and 2003 she was named one of “Maryland’s Top 100 Women” by the Daily Record in recognition for her contributions to communities in the state of Maryland.  In 2008, she received the American Association of Blood Banks “Sally Frank Memorial Award and Lectureship” and the Massachusetts Association of Blood Banks “Karen Tiegerman Memorial Lectureship Award”.  Many in the field of Clinical Laboratory Science Education remember Dr. Harmening’s “Curriculum for the 21st Century” symposia started in the early 1990’s which ended after 27 years in January of 2017.

Dr. Harmening also held the position of Director of Instruction and Customer Learning, Heritage Division, the American Red Cross in 2008 and 2009.  In this role she developed an on-line continuing education program for laboratory professionals and physicians called SUCCESS, a Series of Unique Consistent Continuing Education Self-Study programs she has been the principle investigator for seven grants from Health and Human Services, and has completed over 15 clinical trials.  Dr. Harmening has served on numerous national, statewide, and local committees and advisory boards.  Currently, she is a member of the ASCP Editorial Advisory Board: Medscape Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, but has served as Chair of the Research and Development Committee of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists Board of Registry from 1995 to 1998.  Dr. Harmening was a member of the National Commission on Allied Health Implementation Task Force of the Department of Health and Human Services from 1996 to 1998.

Dr. Harmening has been in the field of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine for over 25 years. Her research in red cell and platelet preservation has led to seven patents.  Dr. Harmening’s original research dealt with the use of solid time-released buffering systems for the storage of red cells and platelets.  Her current research focuses on CD34+ stem cells isolated from cord blood, and she was the first to investigate the effect of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 on untreated and CD34-selected umbilical cord blood.

In the future, Dr. Harmening would like to expand and improve her current publications and venture into new areas of writing. Her philosophy in life is to “live by standards and principles, maintain a positive attitude, value family and friends, surround yourself with positive, energetic people.”