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Laboratory Management: Principles and Processes 4th Edition

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Denise M. Harmening, Ph.D. MT(ASCP)

Redefining the standard for laboratory management, Denise Harmening, along with 40 contributors, provides insight and guidance into the principles of laboratory operations. Key features include chapter outlines, educational objectives, opening case studies, study guide questions, key terms, summary charts, and problem-based learning activities. Twenty chapters are divided into four major areas: Principles of Laboratory Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, and Operations.  Unique to this book are chapters on Quality Management in the Laboratory, Education and Training, the Cost of Quality, Laboratory Safety and Ethical Issues in Laboratory Management and a glossary. Appropriate whether you are a student or an experienced manager, using this text for teaching or as a reference, Laboratory Management contains a thorough coverage of the principles and processes of management.

● Quality Management in the Laboratory

● Organizational Structure: A Look at Concepts and Models

● Principles of Leadership: Past, Present, and Future

● Management Functions

● Managerial Decision-Making and Process Improvement 

● Human Resource Guidelines and Regulations

● Job Analysis, Work Descriptions, and Work Groups

● Performance Evaluation and Development

● Education & Training: Practical Tips for Educators and Trainers

● Fundamentals of Financial Management

● Cost/ Benefit Analysis

● Effective Budgeting in the Laboratory: Practical Tips

● The Cost of Quality

● Healthcare Reimbursement 

● Compliance IssuesThe Regulations

● Laboratory Safety

● Process DesignsWorkflow & Staffing

● Laboratory Information Systems: Flexibility Is the Key to Modernization

● Marketing Concepts

● Ethical Issues in Laboratory Management

A Laboratory Management CyberCourse TM is available online and includes: Chapter PowerPoints, Discussion Board Case Histories, Learning Units, Exams and a Sample Syllabus.